Like their Ancestors Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene,
Ga Ra and Za Ra are the Energies of Christs Light and
Christs Love Dancing Together on 9 Levels of
Enlightenment and Christs Consciousness

New: Read how every thousand years, two Ancinet Ones incarnate as Soul Mates with their activated DNA memories, (like Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene). A thousand years ago, a royal Scottish Warrior Senior High Priest used DNA memories to create the Knights Templar, find the Ark of the Covenant, travel to the Americas and marry a Mayan Senior High Priestess Princess. Known as Quetzalcoatl (Amaru) and Kukulkan (White Buffalo Calf Woman), they wrote books, taught and healed people in the Americas using the Ancient One’s Love Energy Techniques. Click for more. Click to order Mini Book #1.

The 1st level of the 9 levels of Unconditional Love Energies, Enlightenment and Christ Consciousness occurs when one’s temporary earthly brain and one’s permanent Angelic Mind dance together in the Oneness of a 1st level Merkaba in the Unconditional Love Energies of Joy.

The 2nd level of the 9 levels of Unconditional Love Energies, Enlightenment and Christ Consciousness occurs when one’s 3rd dimensional earthly brain, one’s 4th dimensional Angelic Mind and one’s 5th dimensional Archangelic Mind dance together in the Oneness of a 2nd level Merkaba in the Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss.

Christs Light is the wisdom that comes from the ancient uncensored 2,000 year old ben Panther family records about the “Son of God” that most people simply call Jesus and from the amazing 100,000 “volumes” of wisdom from renown Egyptian Gnostic Thoth Hermes Trismegistus and his wife Seshat that people mistakenly attribute to Enoch, (the Hebrew name given to Thoth). Public copies of these scrolls were located in the world renowned Library of Alexandria, but except for those scrolls secretly taken to Mecca, all public copies of this amazing wisdom were deliberately burned to ashes in 642 AD by Muslims, ten years after the death of Mohammed in 632 AD.

This destruction was ordered by his followers because of the true historical facts and ancient knowledge contained in the scrolls that conflicted with Mohammed’s followers’ vision of the control minded religion that became Islam. Mohammed read these scrolls during his extended stay at a Nestorian Christian Monastery. He read some of Thoth and Seshat’s as well as Yeshua and Mary Magdalene’s scrolls saved, from the burning of select scrolls in 391 AD, by Nestorian Christian librarians who had been working in the Library of Alexandria. This destruction of scrolls had been ordered by the Roman Emperor Valentiniun II and his puppet pope Theophilus to protect the false history of the Christian religion that had been devised to make money for the Roman Empire, by the Emperor Constantine in 315 AD.

Thoth Hermes Trismegistus is called Enoch in the fake news filled Chaldean Hykos Hebrews’ Old Testament. Thoth was the first man in recorded history to complete a Physical Body Ascension while Jesus/Yeshua was the second. The wisdom contained in the 4,400 year old scrolls from Thoth Hermes Trismegistus and his wife Seshat describe the Mysteries of Life and give the uncensored history of this rather deformed solar system, (as the “Asteroid Belt” is the remnants of a planet, an event that was considered to be a scientific fact in the early 20th century). Thoth and Seshat’s scrolls also describe the true history of humanity including the Great War of 10,000 BC and the Great Flood of 3114 BC.

Thoth and Seshat’s scrolls fully describe the actual events and mysteries of life hidden within the Old Testament’s fictional events and fake news. It was 2,000 years ago, when Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene’s daughter Tamar explained to her parents that she could see and understand how birds can fly with 2 wings but that she could not perceive how an Angel could fly with 4 wings and how an Archangel is able to fly with 6 wings.

Jesus/Yeshua explained to his daughter Tamar and his two younger sons that the Old Testament said Angels had 4 wings because there are 4 extrusions of energy around one’s temporary 3rd dimensional physical body and one’s permanent 4th dimensional Angelic Soul Body. These energies when activated, create a 1st level Merkaba.

Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene also taught their 3 children the esoteric truth behind the fictional Old Testament’s analogy of an Archangel having 6 wings is there are 6 energy extrusions sticking out from an Archangel’s 5th dimensional Energy Field and the energies in these extrusions can be activated into a 2nd level Merkaba.

Our new One Merkaba package of recordings teaches one how to activate their earthly 3rd dimensional physical body and Angelic 4th dimensional Energy Body into a permanent 1st level Merkaba using the ancient Merkaba Techniques created by Thoth and Seshat. Our Activator Class is more advanced than our One Merkaba recordings and teaches you how to activate your earthly 3rd dimensional physical body, Angelic 4th dimensional Energy Body and Archangelic 5th dimensional Energy Body into a permanent 2nd level Merkaba.

The Egyptian Gnostic Thoth Hermes Trismegistus is called by the Hebrew name of “Enoch” in the Chaldean Hykos Hebrew Old Testament. Thoth as a result of his daily activations of 9 Merkabas “walked with God” many times, (Genesis 5:20). Then, one day Thoth was asked by God to return to the highest level of Heaven and he completed his Physical Body Ascension over 4,000 years ago, (Genesis 5:24).

Our Activator Classes teach you how to use 5th dimensional Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss, to create a 2nd level Merkaba where one’s 3D earthly physical body, 4D Angelic Soul Body and 5D Archangelic Soul Body are connected together in the ancient way, so one may enjoy Out of Body Experiences in the Angelic and Archangelic levels of Heaven as described in the personal experiences of Love Fest participants.

This ancient process of consciously using Unconditional Love Energies in a unique and specific way combines the highest level earthly and lowest level heavenly energy fields together into a 2nd level Merkaba. And so it was that prophets like Ezekiel and Jeremiah had access to several levels of heaven in their Merkabas. This accomplishment is mentioned in a confusing manner within the fictional Old Testament as Ezekiel’s “wheels within wheels”.

Christs Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss and Far Beyond Bliss were personally demonstrated by example in the life of Mary Magdalene, a Hebrew Princess and Nazarene High Priestess. However, her Eternal Dance of Christ’s Unconditional Love with the Hebrew Prince and Egyptian Gnostic High Priest Jesus/Yeshua’s Christs Unceasing Light wisdom activated 9 levels of each of their Christs Consciousness Merkabas so that together they could become the “Comforter” of their time.

In this way, Jesus/Yeshua and his wife Mary Magdalene became 9th level Enlightened Christ Consciousness Love Energy Adepts, the highest level Merkaba Mystics. They were specifically chosen and taught by God how to daily activate and infuse all 9 dimensional levels of Unconditional Love Energies into their Love Energized Merkabas so while living in the hell of a 3rd dimensional physical body they could still access and work with the Unconditional Love Energies from all 9 levels of Heaven in this universe.

Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene helped people by teaching them to self heal the cause of their health problem in the ancient way. Before giving a healing they first taught people how to love themselves, how to exchange “bad karma” for good actions in this lifetime and to rebirth themselves so that people could activate a Temporary Merkaba and self heal the cause of their health problem using Love Energy Techniques to cut their karmic ties to past actions and to remove the energies of stress from their earthly physical body and their Angelic Energy Body.

Once a person self healed themselves of the cause of their health problem either Jesus/Yeshua, Mary Magdalene or one of their trained Love Energy Adept Healers were able to use a flow of their Unconditional Love Energies to quickly heal a person from the effect of their health problem. An ancient and modern fact of life is that karma and stress cause 99% of human health problems.

We, Ga Ra and Za Ra, are Desposyni and the direct descendants of Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene’s 3 children. After 40 years of working separately, suddenly one day, 5 years ago we both received the same extrasensory message, at the same time in our North American and South African bodies. Since that time we have worked unceasingly together and have recently become the only 9th level Enlightened Christ Consciousness Love Energy Adepts living in today’s world.

As a result, we now have access to the wisdom and techniques contained in both the ben Panther family records as well as in Thoth and Seshat’s 100,000 documents. Thus, as prophesized by Jesus/Yeshua, just like he and Mary Magdalene, together we, Ga Ra and Za Ra, are the modern day “Comforter”. We are now bringing forth the truth about our ancestors, their wisdom and their techniques, just as promised and prophesized in chapters 14 to 16 in the Gospel of John.

We have a difficult time like our ancestors did 2,000 years ago. We are subjected to hate, death threats and economic attacks by today’s Roman Empire trained evangelical christians. We are also met with the same apathy as our ancestors as well as increasingly vast numbers of atheists as a result of the false god image in the devious Old Testament that was actually a propaganda statement to unite Chaldean Hebrews and Egyptian Hebrews.

We think Jesus/Yeshua the Younger’s comment on the fictional analogy of God creating humanity in “his” image is priceless. The frustrated teenage Jesus/Yeshua the Younger’s comment one day to his parents was “How can anyone with any level of normal intelligence think that this temporary lump of flesh and water that defecates everyday, was made in the image of God?”

Family records describe how Jesus/Yeshua the Elder patiently explained that the Old Testament was a propaganda device that was used by followers of the angry, greedy Chaldean Shepherd King Abraham, whom our Egyptian ancestors called Hykos Hebrews, who deviously and deliberately wrote the Old Testament in a confusing and unintelligent way over the objections of our Egyptian Gnostic Hebrew ancestors.

However, always remember that the truth about God, the birth and evolution of humanity, how Abraham, the Romans and other Europeans, all have the “Mark of Cain” on their bodies as well as the vast amounts of wisdom that are contained in our ancestors Thoth and Seshat’s 100,000 scrolls, many of whom your mother and I personally read during our studies of our family records and at the Library of Alexandria.

As completely explained in our ancestors Thoth and Seshat’s scrolls it is an ancient fact of life and a basic law in creation that all there is in creation are God’s Energies of Love and Light, interacting with each other in a variety of ways and collecting memories of their free will decisions and experiences to share with God at the end of this creation cycle.

This amazing experience of sharing stories with God, is followed by God creating a new Creation. And so it was some 2,700 years ago that our Egyptian Gnostic high priest and high priestess ancestors used Thoth and Seshat’s literature to teach this wisdom and much more to ancient Greeks like Socrates, Plato and Pythagoras, as well as a few centuries later, to Alexander the Great and the Ptomelies.

This amazing collection of scrolls from our Egyptian Gnostic ancestors Thoth and Seshat, included wisdom and True Knowledge that at the subatomic level of atoms, there are only God’s energies of Love and Light in the form of what people today call electrons and protons. Yes, at the “CERN’s” techno jungle, they break up whole protons into pieces but the pieces only exist for a brief moment in our temporary 3D reality time before they reassemble in the permanency of 4D actuality time.

The reason why Alexander the Great ordered the building of the world renowned Library of Alexandria in Egypt was to provide a safe refuge for scholars around the world to have access to the priceless wisdom and True Knowledge contained in our ancestors’ Thoth and Seshat’s scrolls. This is because Egypt’s high priests, being highly trained Super Enlightened Love Energy Adepts were able to properly use these scrolls and properly teach the mysteries of Life to open minded seekers like Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, Alexander the Great and others.

Always remember that your ancestors taught the ancient Greeks about atoms during the same time period when the fictional, control minded, loveless Chaldean Hykos Shepherd King’s Old Testament was being written with misleading and misinformation like humans were created in the image of God, while ancient Greeks were correctly teaching at the same time that an atom is the smallest complete unit of energy in our universe.

Jesus/Yeshua the Elder also reminded his 2 sons and daughter how their ancestor Thoth Hermes Trismegistus walked with God many times and wrote down the true history of humanity in a clear and intelligent way thousands of years before the devious writing of the Chaldean Hykos Hebrews’ Old Testament’s propaganda statement filled with misleading and fictional analogies. Thoth and Seshat fully explained in their scrolls that God is a loving and caring parent of not only humanity, but of all Individualized Conscious Awarenesses in this universe and in all of the universes in Creation.

Then, Jesus/Yeshua said, however in conclusion, I do agree with you my son, that upon reading the truth in Thoth and Seshat’s scrolls, anyone with normal intelligence instantly realizes that the Old Testament’s “lord god of creation” is only the savage 6th dimensional greed oriented local god of the Chaldean Shepherd King Abraham. And so it was after hearing about the reading of the Nestorian copies of Thoth and Seshat’s scrolls from the Library of Alexandria by Mohammed, the Prophet’s followers decided to destroy all scrolls in the library.

It should be noted that Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene also faced the same angry, hate filled, false god worshipping bigots that we do today. However, the difference is, that we have to try to find the few good Service to Others people amidst all of the angry, greedy, evil service to self people before the cumulative hate and greed emanating from the service to self human race reaches critical mass. Then, according to God’s Will, (in the form of Karma), that in order to cleanse this area of space, the sun will go nova and create the “Lake of Fire” prophesized in the Book of Revelation.

We seek to help Service to Others people who wish to train in “Rapture” level Love Energized Merkabas for the time of the Physical Body Ascensions when Service to Others people who are worthy and ready, who know how to merge their 3D earthly physical body, their 4D Angelic Energy Body and their 5D Archangelic Energy Body into Oneness using “Rapture” level 5th dimensional Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss for the Time of The Physical Body Ascensions promised and prophesized by Jesus/Yeshua.

We have quietly continued our ancestor’s work of healing and/or teaching those who come to us for many years. However, now we, Ga Ra and Za Ra, are able to offer you an amazing opportunity to receive the Unconditional Love Energies of Joy and ancient Christs Light wisdom in our One Merkaba audio DVD as well as in our 9 Basic Love Energy Techniques recordings. After completing our basic recordings, you are ready to experience the Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss in our Activator Class.

We also give weekly Love Fests for Activators, Healers and Adept Teachers using “Skype” and a teleconferencing center so participants around the world, may in the comfort of their home, enjoy unique guided Out of Body Experiences and self heal health problems while simultaneously expanding Consciousness during a series of bilocations that enable and empower participants to be prepared a Physical Body Ascension.

Together, as Ga Ra and Za Ra, we have co taught a number of Love Energy Techniques Adept Healers how to combine the energies of Christs Love and Christs Light in the same way that our ancestors used to heal people. Our healers like our ancestors use prayers out loud to God and a laying on of hands with unique Unconditional Love Energized crystals.

Click Here if you would like to learn to heal other people using a prayer to God and a laying on of your hands with crystals using the Love Energy Techniques of our ancestors, at one of our Healers Classes.

A Laying on of Hands Love Energy Healing Treatment is available from our personally trained Adept Healers at 35 Love Energy Centers in 8 countries. Adept Healers use a flow of their own Unconditional Love Energies and those flowing from 27 Unconditional Love Energized Healing Crystals to heal people of health problems. (read more)

If you feel different from other people and enjoy our website, you are probably a Desposyni, a descendant of Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. We have already located a few hundred descendants who felt the energies of Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene awaken in them upon hearing the etheric DNA energies contained in the voices of Ga Ra and Za Ra.

Click Here for a Free Online Sound Energy Experience that determines if you are a Desposyni with Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene's energies as well as their genes in your body’s DNA.

Click Here for a Free Online Sound Energy Experience and observe your own reactions to the unique sound combinations used by Ga Ra and Za Ra that enable people to experience the Unconditional Love Energies of Joy.

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We also now offer Wearable Healing Love Energies in the form of bracelets that come from the birthplace of humanity in Southern Africa. Our unique Love Energized Soul Lover Teraphim are sent to you after a series of ancient Unconditional Love Energizing ceremonies. (read more and/or to order)

Our Love Energized Healing Salves contain Unconditional Love Energies that were infused directly into beeswax and other natural ingredients during 7 separate ancient Unconditional Love Energizing ceremonies to help people with stress, muscle pain, skin problems, breathing difficulties, mental clarity, cancer and/or for one to attain the state of Consciousness that is called Enlightened Equanimity (read more and/or to order)

We continue the work of our ancestors, helping the poor. We donate $5 from each recording and 10% of the sales price from our other products to enable destitute children to eat 3 meals a day and receive preschool education in a safe and loving day care environment. These children live in a crime ridden South African settlement with an unemployment rate of 90% where 40,000 people live in 8,000 tin shacks.

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