Ancient Wisdom and Uncensored Historical Facts
about Megiddo and Armageddon

Armageddon is the Greek word for Megiddo. The New Testament was written in Greek because 2,000 years ago it was the language used by scholars, like John who wrote his Book of Revelation to warn people about the problems faced by Mary Magdalene, the evil misinformation in the Old Testament and prophesize the final battle between the forces of good and evil. John used the Greek word Armageddon to refer to the ancient Chaldean Hykos Shepherd King Abraham’s Megiddo fortress.

What confuses people is why would the final battle between the forces of good and evil occur in such a desolate area of no importance in today’s world. 3,500 years ago Megiddo was on the major trade route between Egypt and the Chaldean homeland of Mesopotamia. This final battle between good and evil is used by Evangelical Christians to generate fear in people because the Old Testament’s low level Chaldean Hykos Shepherd King Abraham’s god, feeds on the emotional energies of fear, anger and hate.

There will not be a physical battle at the geographic location of Megiddo. This battle is over the release of ancient wisdom and uncensored historical facts about Megiddo on our website. Like our ancestors we are risking our lives to bring you the ancient wisdom and uncensored historical facts about Megiddo. We explain in detail how the Old Testament is filled with “Fake News”. The truth about Megiddo clearly demonstrates the demonic influence of Chaldean Hyksos Hebrews and their Shepherd King Abraham’s low level god in writing the Old Testament.

The Bible’s Old Testament is merely a Chaldean Hykos Hebrew propaganda statement, without spiritual wisdom or true human history. The Old Testament is filled with fictional events to extol the power of the Chaldean Hykos Shepherd King Abraham’s low level god. The atrocities committed by Chaldean Shepherd King Hyksos Hebrews’ during their ruthless occupation of Egypt and the treasures they stole from Egypt are barely mentioned.

The massive amount of fake news about God and historical events were written so poorly in the Old Testament it was thought that intelligent people would laugh at the Old Testament once they heard the truth. After reading Thoth and Seshat’s scrolls people did laugh at the ridiculous fiction in the Old Testament where the God of all creation looks like an old human man, a god who demands a piece of every male baby’s penis be offered to him in a demonic ceremony and how their Chaldean Shepherd King’s low level god was inferior to the Chaldean Babylonian’s god.

But, Islam, like Christianity and Judaism, is firmly built upon the concepts of control and greed that are contained in the Old Testament. Thus, Muslims deliberately burned all of Thoth and Seshat’s scrolls they could locate in the Library of Alexandria, in Nestorian monasteries and throughout the world, to prevent you from learning the truth that the Old Testament is filled with deliberate lies, misinformation and fake news.

The Old Testament was written to unite Chaldean Hyksos Hebrews and Egyptian Gnostic Hebrews so together they might somehow overthrow the Chaldean Babylonian Empire and the Babylonians’ powerful Chaldean god. However, the Chaldean Hykos Hebrew Shepherd King’s god was so inferior to the Chaldean Babylonians’ god, that it was the Persians and their more powerful god who defeated the Chaldean Babylonians and freed the Hebrews from captivity.

The Old Testament was written in a devious and dark way to perpetually feed the Chaldean Shepherd King’s low level god with the energies of fear, anger and hate. In this way, a few greedy, wealthy individuals serving this minor vicious god devised a document that today controls the lives of most people on earth, especially Evangelical Christians and Muslim terrorists like ISIS, as seen by the energies of greed and hate that are everywhere in today’s society.

The truth and wisdom contained in Thoth and Seshat’s scrolls proved that the Old Testament is filled with fiction and fake news about God, the creation of human bodies and historical events. The Old Testament was written for propaganda purposes, to control people and feed energies of fear, anger and hate to the low level evil god of the deceitful, greedy Chaldean Hykos Shepherd King Abraham.

The reason Mohammed’s followers after his death destroyed all of the books and scrolls in the library of Alexandria is because of ancient facts like Arabs, Chaldeans, Romans, Europeans, many Christians and most Jews, all carry the “Mark of Cain”, as explained in Ga Ra’s extemporaneous recordings about The Actual Historical Events Secretly Hidden in the Old Testament’s Fiction. The love oriented wisdom contained in Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s scrolls is why Mohammed reserved a place for the body of the prophesized reincarnation of Yeshua/Jesus in his crypt.

Mohammed’s use of Thoth and Seshat’s as well as Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s wisdom and historical facts is why after Mohammed’s death that Muslims destroyed all of the scrolls of priceless wisdom contained in the Library of Alexandria with the strange hate filled statement of “If these scrolls and books are in agreement with the Koran, we have no need of them, if these scrolls and books are opposed to the Koran they need to be destroyed, therefore destroy all scrolls and books!”.

It should be noted the final version of the Koran was mostly written by Mohammed’s followers and was not released to people until ten years after his death. The truth about Megiddo and the Chaldean Hyksos Old Testament goes back to the time when the Egyptian Pharaoh Ah-men I used Thoth and Seshat’s Love Energy Techniques to persuade the Chaldean Hykos Hebrew Shepherd King Abraham to sign a peace treaty and leave Egypt with his Hyksos Hebrew army.

This event is recorded in the Chaldean Hykos Old Testament as the time when supposedly the Chaldean Shepherd King’s low level god gave the Ah, or Love Energy Techniques to Abram who became Abraham and to his wife Sarai who became Sarah. As written in the Hyksos Old Testament when the Chaldean Shepherd King Abraham and his Hyksos Hebrew army left Egypt, they took many of Egypt’s treasures back with them to the lands they had conquered earlier.

But, the most valuable of Egypt’s treasures, like the 100,000 scrolls from Thoth and his wife Seshat, were stored in the Chaldean Shepherd King Hyksos Hebrew fortress of Megiddo, which they thought could not be conquered. However, after repeated Hyksos Hebrew attacks on Egyptian border towns that violated Egypt’s treaty with the Chaldean Shepherd Kings, the Pharaoh Thoth Moses III used some of his ancestors Thoth and Seshat’s techniques, and was able to bring his army single file unseen over a narrow mountain pass.

This technique enabled his army to rapidly conquer Megiddo before the Chaldean clans or tribes of shepherds could gather to help defend Megiddo. In this way, Egypt’s priceless treasures from Thoth and Seshat, including their 100,000 scrolls, unique “Seer Stones” crystals and gems as well as the Emerald Tablet were returned to Egypt. As was the custom of the time, Thoth Moses III also brought back with him a number of royal young hostages from Megiddo to be schooled in the Egyptian ways of government.

This group included the Hyksos Old Testament’s “Joseph” in his “coat of many colors”, that was actually the sacred breastplate of Egyptian Gnostic High Priests and High Priestesses. The bible’s story of Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers because their father gave Joseph a coat of many colors is a fake news story. It disguises the historical fact Joseph had earned the title of an Egyptian Gnostic High Priest from his father and at special spiritual events was entitled to wear the breastplate of a High Priest as a 7th level Merkaba Mystic who spoke the “Truth”.

This unique type of breastplate was a gift to the Egyptian people by Thoth and Seshat. It had 12 Love Energized crystals and gems in the breastplate. When a High Priest or High Priestess spoke, If all 12 crystals lit up in energy, it meant the High Priest’s or High Priestess’ words contained truth, wisdom and information for all those born during any of the 12 months of a year. If only 3 crystals lit up, the High Priest’s or High Priestess’ message was only for those born during the 3 months connected to those 3 crystals/gems.

Each crystal/gem was connected to the energies of one specific month in the zodiac year. This is where the term “birthstone” came from. The breastplate, called an Ephod by Chaldean Hykos Hebrews was originally Egyptian as it was created by Thoth and Seshat to be worn by Love Energy Adept Teachers at their “Eye of Horus” Universities of Wisdom and Knowledge. Egyptian Gnostic High Priests and High Priestesses, who as 7th level Merkaba Mystics, were able to communicate with God’s 7th level representatives.

Thoth Moses III was a graduate of the Eye of Horus Universities, and a 7th level Merkaba Mystic like Joseph. He took the young man into his royal household upon seeing all 12 of the crystals and gems of Joseph’s breastplate light up with his answer to one of Thoth Moses III’s questions. Thoth Moses III built a special temple that only he and Joseph had access to. Within this temple he placed a special container in which to store Thoth and Seshat’s priceless treasures.

Thoth Moses III would bring out from the container a few scrolls at a time from which a few copies were made of each of Thoth and Seshat’s 100,000 scrolls for the Eye of Horus Universities. The first scrolls copied were those on the history of planet earth and humanity including the reason for the Great Flood of 3114 BC and God’s Covenant that contained a warning that if humanity once again depletes the Love Energies of planet earth and destroys the rainbows, the sun will go nova and cleanse this area of space of hellish 1st and 2nd dimensional wireless technological energies.

In this way, the container became known as the Ark of the Covenant. As seen by the rapid decrease in rainbows around the world, the fiery prophecy in the Book of Revelation is coming soon. Thoth Moses III grew to love Joseph like a son and was very pleased to help Joseph’s daughter Tiye, a Merkaba Mystic, like her father, to marry his grandson, the Pharaoh Amenhotep III. But, while Joseph’s daughter was an Egyptian Gnostic Merkaba Mystic, she was also a Chaldean Hyksos Shepherd King woman.

Thus, in order to pacify the people of Egypt about her Chaldean Hyksos heritage and DNA, Thoth Moses III and Amenhotep III agreed to the Egyptian law that said no Hyksos or half breed Egyptian-Hyksos could ever become Pharaoh of Egypt. In this way, it was decreed that any son of Amenhotep III and Tiye would immediately be executed at birth. It was also agreed that as part of the marriage contract that only a son from one of Amenhotep III’s other wives could Ascend to the throne of Egypt and become a Pharaoh.

In time Tiye became pregnant and gave birth to a son. Due to the threat of his immediate execution, she had her son placed in a laundry basket and floated downstream to her Chaldean Shepherd King Hyksos Hebrew relatives. The child was raised according to the savage Chaldean Shepherd King Abraham’s low level god’s demonic control oriented ways. Part of the child’s, (Amenhotep IV’s), penis was cut off and offered in a control oriented ceremony to the Chaldean Shepherd King Abraham’s low level god.

In this way, Amenhotep IV’s life from birth was ruled by the Chaldean Shepherd King Hyksos Hebrew’s low level god. And so it was that as a result of demonic energies none of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III’s other wives conceived a male child. Upon being told about the “half breed son”, vigorous debate unfolded among Egypt’s High Priests, High Priestesses and the Love Energy Adept Teachers in the Eye of Horus Universities. However, Amenhotep III was the last of his royal lineage stretching back to Thoth Moses III and the legendary Thoth Hermes Trismegistus and Seshat.

It was finally agreed Amenhotep IV could become Pharaoh of Egypt if he married his Egyptian Gnostic half sister Nefertiti. But, after he was crowned Pharaoh Amenhotep IV of Egypt, over the objections of Nefertiti, he changed his name to Akhenaten. Next, again over objections from his wife and half sister Nefertiti, he eliminated their father’s way of allowing people to make a free will decision on whom to worship.

Akhenaten, under the control of the demonic energies of the Chaldean Shepherd Kings’ low level god, began forcing the Egyptian people to only worship his mother’s Chaldean Hyksos Hebrew relatives’ vicious demonic low level god that he had been forced to worship since childhood. The Chaldean Shepherd Kings’ low level god used the pain of the circumcision and the demonic energies that are called during the Hykos Hebrew circumcision ceremony to control and influence Akhenaten’s behavior during his entire life.

Thus, due to being controlled from birth by Abraham’s low level god, Akhenaten ordered the people of Egypt to immediately stop honoring and paying respect to God’s representatives on different dimensional levels and only worship the low level god of the Chaldean Hykos Shepherd Kings. People were forbidden to pray to God’s representatives for protection from the vicious control minded Chaldean Hykos Shepherd Kings’ low level god or even to pray to God’s representatives who affect weather.

When General Horemhab’s soldiers who respected God’s representatives were ordered to close the temples they worshipped in, they revolted and with the Egyptian people forced Akhenaten to abdicate and go into exile. After being crowned Pharaoh, Akhenaten’s son “King Tut” was viewed as a puppet of the vicious control minded Chaldean Hykos Shepherd Kings’ low level god and it was feared he would follow his exiled father’s ways. Thus, he was murdered by the members of General Horemhab’s military family.

General Horemhab then claimed, that since Akhenaten had been exiled and his son was dead, there was no Moses, (the Egyptian word for heir), to the throne of Egypt and used the Egyptian army to assume control of Egypt, even though he had no royal blood. As a result of being forced into exile and his son murdered, at the urging of Abraham’s low level god, Akhenaten stole his great grandfather Thoth Moses III’s container that would become known as the “Ark of the Covenant”.

Akhenaten with some of his Egyptian Gnostic and Chaldean Hyksos family members stole the priceless treasures of Thoth and Seshat. This is why they had to hide for 40 years in the wilderness of Petra, Jordan, where family members continued to refer to him as the “Moses”, or “Heir”, to the Throne of Egypt. The misleading information, control techniques and fake news stories in the Old Testament were the result of Akhenaten’s/Moses’ unceasing anger toward Egyptians.

Thus, no Egyptian names were used in the Old Testament, only Hebrew names. There were no Chaldean Hyksos Hebrew men named David, Solomon or Enoch. But these false names did describe famous Egyptian Gnostic men. The truth is David is Akhenaten’s, or Moses’, beloved great grandfather Thoth Moses III, while Solomon is Moses’ beloved father Amenhotep III and Enoch is Moses’ beloved ancestor, the legendary Egyptian Thoth Hermes Trismegistus. The “Songs of Solomon” were copied word for word from the “Songs of Amenhotep III, etc.

And so it is that we as today’s Comforter decided since the rainbows are rapidly disappearing and the planet’s Love Energies are being rapidly depleted, these are the “last days” and decided it is now time for us to risk our lives in order to begin the final battle of Armageddon between the forces of good and evil. We are now releasing the Truth about Megiddo so people may have a free will choice whether or not to learn how to communicate with the Creator God of all creation and work with God’s Service to Others representatives on multiple dimensional levels using Christs Light Wisdom and Christs Love Energy Techniques.




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