MDs say “Eat Shit” if anti-biotics fail

The New York Times on January 17, 2013 reported that Dutch doctors have found their anti-biotic chemical pills are no longer able to heal people of severe intestinal infections. Thus, Dutch MDs are now transplanting shit from healthy people into the guts of those people who have infections of Clostridium difficile bacteria.

The chemical pills of the medical witch doctors could only cure 3 of 13 and 4 of 13 patients in two comparison groups, whereas shit transplants cured 15 of 16 people. Science has now proven that eating shit from a healthy person is far more effective than the medical drug cartel’s addictive chemical pills.

Science has also proven that the difference between a healthy person and a sick person is 1 electron per atom. The difference between a super happy healthy person who has a sense of well being in life, and a sick person is 2 electrons per atom. Unfortunately technological devices are incapable of creating electrons.

Fortunately, Ga Ra and Za Ra are now training ELTs, Electron Love Therapists, how to infuse free electrons into the physical bodies and emotional bodies of people for complete cures of all forms of dis-ease. Drug free cures have already occurred for a variety of dis-eases, including leukemia, AIDS, Parkinson’s and cancer.

A new natural healing hospital is now beginning operations in upstate New York. A new rapid 4 day cure for all forms of dis-ease is now being tested. This involves a 4 day stay at the natural healing hospital for about $2,000 depending on the dis-ease. Cost includes a private room and great tasting food in the fresh air of a rural setting with lakes nearby.

Since we are testing new aspects of this unique natural healing process, we are offering for a limited time, a 50% discount, or $1,000 for a 4 day stay at the natural healing hospital.

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