The Truth why “All Religions Fear Me”

“All Religions Fear Me” for I know the actual spiritual truth from which all religions were compiled. Today’s religions worship a false God, a demonic version of God. Religions are greed oriented, hate based, repressive social groups and global corporations.

Today’s religions misuse the wisdom and techniques that I taught to people during my prior incarnations. My words and techniques were lessened in power by lesser men, who devised today’s religions.

All religions fear me because I know the truth. I follow the same path that I have always followed for 10,000 years and 10 incarnations. I follow the path of a Loving God instead of the fear based god worshipped by today’s religions and this is why 20,000 so called religious leaders when contacted individually, were so scared of my truth, that all 20,000 refused to debate me!

It is time for all people today to understand that all the teachings in all of today’s religions come from misinterpretations of my original words, because my wisdom is the basis of all western religions.

Thus, only I can explain the confused words contained in religious scriptures. It is now time for people to understand that today’s confused religious teachings, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam came from lesser men as described below.

Judaism – The wisdom and teachings from my 6th incarnation and lifetime in ancient Egypt as Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, were deliberately lessened and changed by the angry man from Egyptian royalty whom Judaism calls the “Moses”.

The truth is that the writings and teachings from my 6th incarnation as Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, were deliberately changed by the angry Egyptian whose followers called him the “Moses”, (or heir to the Egyptian throne), and this is the ancient reason why Jews are typically angry people.

Only myself, and the woman called Za Ra, (who was with me in each of my 10 lifetimes on planet earth), have the wisdom and ability to explain to people, (in easy to understand modern words), the vast amount of spiritual wisdom contained in analogies within the Old Testament.

There are common sense answers to the confusing Jewish Old Testament statement that a solar sun can be created in one day, simple reasons that any open minded person, even a scientific atheist, can understand.

There are simple, common sense reasons why and how God created humanity in “God’s image”, simple explanations that even a scientific atheist, can understand.

There are simple common sense answers as to how in the Jewish Old Testament, that Cain, (one of the 3 sons of Adam, the only man and Eve, the only woman on earth), after killing his brother Abel, was able to “go over the hill to marry a woman from another tribe”.

There are scientific facts that support the truth in the Jewish Old Testament that “Adam”, (an atom), was spiritually incomplete until “Eve”, (an extra electron) came into Adam’s (an atom’s) life and transformed Adam, (an atom), into a healthy loving negative ion.

It is proven scientific fact that atoms missing an electron, (called positive ions), cause dis-ease, nausea and headaches in well people. It is also a simple proven scientific fact that atoms with an extra electron, (called negative ions), cause people to feel good and have a sense of well being.

This is the sacred wisdom behind Adam (the atom with equal numbers of protons and electrons) and Eve (the extra electron that creates a negative ion). As stated in the Jewish Old Testament, “Adam and Eve” were from the “Adamic” race, and it should be noted that it was the “Adamic” race that “fell” from “heaven” with “Lucifer and a third of the angels”.

Christianity – The wisdom and techniques I and Za Ra, (Mary Magdalene), taught during our 8th incarnations 2,000 years ago, were deliberately changed by the Roman Emperor Constantine for monetary greed, as explained in my earlier recordings.

My family name eliminated and first name changed so the Roman Empire could use the energetically weak name of Jesus, which is a misspelling and mispronunciation of my true name that contains the power of AH.

The Roman Catholic Empire forsook my true history of creation and humanity. Constantine’s “Christians” adopted the misleading and confused Jewish version of creation, even though as stated in the New Testament, in my 8th incarnation as JBP, or the “Jesus”, I repeated constantly that the Old Testament was written in a confusing way with analogies.

And so it is that as a result of Roman greed, Christians are typically greedy and angry people, as seen by the actions and words of Christians throughout history and especially as seen in today’s world by the hate filled people who call themselves “Evangelical Christians”.

Islam – The wisdom and teachings contained in my 6th incarnation, Thoth Hermes Trismegistus’ documents, from which Judaism’s Old Testament was written, as well as wisdom from my JBP lifetime, 2,000 years ago, were woven together in the documents that Mohammed studied.

These documents from which Islam was devised, came from documents saved from the Library of Alexandria in 392 AD by “Nestorian Christians”, when many of the Library’s documents and books were deliberately destroyed by the evil Roman Empire’s Pope and his mercenary Christians.

Evil Christians killed all of the librarians and visitors in the Library, while also desecrating the tombs located on the Library’s grounds, including the “Tomb of Alexander the Great”. Fortunately, Nestorians made copies of the documents they saved and those copies were still available to all people when the library was rebuilt.

Unfortunately, spiritually immature Muslims in 640 AD destroyed all documents in the Library of Alexander because “Umar’s Uglies” knew information in the Koran came from the Library of Alexandria’s documents, that were written by the one whom Christians call Jesus and the one whom Egyptians call Thoth Hermes Trismegistus.

And so it was that lacking any true spiritual history of creation of their own, Muslims were forced to adopt the misleading and confused Jewish version of creation. As a result, Muslims are extremely confused angry people, who lash out in hatred toward others, as seen by their hatefilled actions of killing innocent men, women and children around the world.

Imagine what the world would be like today if the greedy angry Egyptians and Sumerian Canaanites who wrote the Jewish Old Testament in Iraq, had used Thoth’s original writings instead of those that “The Moses” rewrote, after he had stolen my 6th incarnation’s writings from Egypt.

Time for any remaining open minded people in the world to realize that it was the one called Moses, together with his Egyptian and Sumerian Canaanite followers, who stole the Ark of the Covenant from Egypt.

The Ark, (as explained in history books), was built by the Egyptian Pharaoh Thoth Moses III, (the term moses means “heir” and was used as a title in ancient Egypt). And so it was that Thoth Moses III, was the third heir to the wisdom and teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, which were housed in the Ark of the Covenant.

As stated in history books, Thoth Moses III built the Ark of the Covenant to contain Egypt's spiritual treasures that had been stolen from Egypt by Abraham and his Sumerian Canaanites, called Hykos by ancient Egyptians.

Thoth Moses III regained Egypt’s spiritual treasures, (from my 6th incarnation as Thoth), when he retaliated for Hykos border raids and captured the biblical city of Megiddo.

Imagine the amount of pain, suffering and hatred that humanity has endured because evil men changed the truth about a loving God and used their demonic fear based western religions to conquer and control other people.

Evil ones have changed my wisdom into childish concepts that have caused people to fear God. As a result, many spiritually immature people think there is only one lifetime, per person. One lifetime in a world, where no one is born equal and yet at the end of one lifetime, western religions expect us to believe that one will either graduate into heaven, or roast in hell, forever.

Imagine how different life would be today, if my 6th incarnation’s wisdom, as Thoth, and my 8th incarnation’s wisdom as “Jesus”, on the concepts of reincarnation and karma, would have been included in the religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

A few years ago, myself and some of my advanced spiritual adepts who have been with me for many years, decided to help humanity and show people around the world, how the Christian, Jewish and Islamic religions are spiritually immature.

We sent out individual personal invitations for a debate, to over 20,000 religious leaders. However, since none of them have my wisdom, not one of the 20,000 western religious priests, pastors or imans had the courage to debate me.

It should be noted that in this quest for an intelligent debate most religious leaders were civilized in their replies. However, as proven by their replies. Protestant Christians, especially Evangelicals, are the most spiritually immature of all religious people. Ignorant Protestant pastors wrote back hate filled letters, using quotes from the evil, ego oriented Saul Paul.

Protestants worship Saul Paul, thus his arrogant, angry, spiritually immature words fill up most of the spiritually immature, (many times rewritten), Protestant New Testament. Saul Paul never met Jesus in person simply because in my 8th incarnation, I refused to meet with Saul Paul, even after I survived my crucifixion.

People have been taught by ignorant Protestant pastors to overlook the fact that the satanic evil Saul Paul lied in every one of his letters contained in the “Bible”. The evil Saul Paul begins each of his letters with his ego driven lie that he was an apostle of Jesus by the will of God.

The truth is that, no true follower of my wisdom during my 8th incarnation, as Jesus, would have anything to do with the evil energies emitted by Saul Paul. All western religions fear God because all western religions do not love God. It is simple, you cannot fully love someone that you fear.

And so it is that I am the only one on earth who can explain to people the truth and wisdom that I taught during each of my 10 incarnations, and only I can explain the truth and describe precisely why it is correct that Christians call me the only “Son of God”.

I am now focusing my attention on those who follow a loving God and am making recordings to help those who Love God. My most recent recording is new information on karma and reincarnation. This recording includes an ancient fire ceremony and a full rebirthing technique that enables one to balance one’s emotional energies, and begin life all over again.
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Two upcoming recordings are in the final recording and preliminary editing stages. They are expected to be released in late February. One is on how to create Sacred Healing Waters and the other is about my 9th incarnation as Amaru/Quetzalcoatl and my travels with Za Ra’s 9th incarnation, when she was known in the Americas as “White Buffalo Calf Woman.”

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