Truth About Colloidal Waters

Many people have not been told the truth about the history of Silver and Gold Colloidal Waters, the historic effectiveness in the healing of illnesses by Silver and Gold Colloidal Waters and the less than effective healing abilities of today’s mass produced Silver and Gold Colloidal Waters.

  • History shows that naturally made colloidal waters were used long ago and that Gold and Silver Colloidal Waters were highly effective in curing diseases.
  • Today’s colloidal waters are mass produced. Silver colloidal waters are made using the positive ions of electrolysis to separate atoms of silver from silver wires. Gold colloidals use the positive ion energies of acid to separate atoms of gold from gold wires. (No free will choices for the Conscious Awarenesses of the atoms).
  • A few hundred years ago, gold and silver coins were placed into vessels of wine and vinegar to make healing elixirs, or gold and silver colloidal waters. (Some free will choices for the Conscious Awarenesses of the atoms).
  • Long ago, adept alchemists made gold and silver colloidal waters, (without electrolysis or acid), using ancient ceremonies that enabled people to self heal themselves in ways that people today call miracles. These ancient naturally made colloidal waters also enabled people to expand the atoms of their own Conscious Awarenesses into the level of heavenly visions. (Complete free will choice given to the Conscious Awarenesses of the atoms).

Today, after 14 years of preparations, “The Cure for All Diseases” has finally been recorded on to a set of 3 CDs and is now being released to people around the word via the Internet. This set of 3 CDs contains “The Secret History, Esoteric Wisdom and Techniques” of an 8,000 year old organization called the Lions of Jud-Ah after its founder, Nara Simha.

This set of CDs gives one the opportunity to learn the necessary ancient wisdom and techniques that empower one to become a “Philosopher’s Stone”. The only side effect of alchemy is the personal expansions of Conscious Awareness that enable one to become a “Philosopher’s Stone”.

In order to alchemically self heal oneself, it is necessary for one to become a “Philosopher’s Stone”, whereby one uses the alchemical Love Energy within one’s own atoms to transform the energies within other atoms.

The best way to listen to this entire set of CDs may be to attend a One or Two Day Self Healing Workshop. At our workshops, there are frequent breaks, so one is able to personally practice these ancient alchemical techniques, (that use no chemicals), in the presence of trained alchemists.

In addition, at our One and Two Day Workshops, one is able to consume naturally made Colloidal Waters that, together with the wisdom and additional techniques one receives in the workshop, enables and empowers one to begin quickly self healing oneself of cancer, AIDS and other diseases.

Wherever there are no free will choices in life, there is no love. Where there is no love, there is no natural healing abilities. All “colloidal waters” made by electrolysis or with acid, have little to no love, and thus they contain little to no healing abilities or powers.

However, 13-9-9 Power Water is naturally made using only free will choices. As a result, our 13-9-9 Power Water contains millions of natural love energized gold and/or silver atoms, (that have not been deformed or energetically densified by acid or electrolysis).

In our One and Two Day Workshops, participants are personally guided through our lineage’s 8,000 year old Consumption Ceremonies by trained and experienced alchemists. This ancient sacred ceremony is what enables and empowers workshop participants, if they wish, to personally transform 12-9-9 Healing Waters into our lineage’s ancient 13-9-9 Sacred Miracle Healing Waters.

Our 8,000 year old lineage has a special ancient secret sacred prayer that when said in the proper way, (with the highest spiritual energetic name of God and closing with the highest spiritually energetic sound on earth), enables participants to create “The Cure for All Diseases”, 13-9-9 Power Water, the ancient 13-9-9 Sacred Miracle Healing Waters that contains the full healing powers of negative Ionized gold and/or silver atoms.

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