Miracles and Expansions of Consciousness

(How I found Enlightenment and “The Cure for All Diseases”)

In 1968, I personally discovered that one has both a Mind and a brain. In that moment of Enlightenment, I knew there was far more to life than either science or religion had ever taught me. At that moment, I began my search for the higher levels of Enlightenment, and started daily meditations to expand my Conscious Awareness.

Ten years later, I was a trained teacher of meditation, but when my mother got cancer, I was unable to do anything to help her, and she died. It was at this moment in time that I realized the form of meditation and hatha yoga exercises, that I had been taught and was teaching to others, were incomplete.

I suddenly realized that the effectiveness of that organization’s teachings and techniques decreased rapidly after 1972, when the leader of the international meditation movement switched from mainly discussions about God, Angels and miracles, to mostly talking about science stuff, in order to attract more people.

Thus, in the late 1970s, I began searching for the truth. I tried everything from Hinduism to Tibetan Buddhism, from Taoism to the New Age, and from Shamanism to Mystic Christianity. While each religion and spiritual practice offered something, none had the whole truth.

Then, in 1995, eighteen years later, a series of visions, (while fasting), led me to a new way of life. Two years later in 1997, a new series of visions led me to a secret cave in an isolated desert area, where in a hidden cavern, I found what had been secretly hidden in that cave for a thousand years, a treasure of priceless ancient documents.

Imagine my surprise upon finding a letter that was addressed personally to me, among the ancient documents. The letter was addressed to me in “Old English” words, and had been written to me by my ancestor from a thousand years earlier. My ancestor said he was called Amaru by local people and had come here from Scotland.

He said he was a royal Scotsman who lived long ago, in a very dark time. He requested me to go to Scotland, and locate certain buildings, and perform certain ancient ceremonies, as described in my upcoming second autobiographical CD. (The first is available on my website).

I was requested in this and another letter, to keep the existence and location of the documents I found in the hidden chamber to myself. I was also requested to not release the information “until 1 year and I month before the Grand Alignment”, (which I had to look up in an encyclopedia to find).

The Grand Alignment is a once in 26,000 years astronomical event, when our earth and sun line up with the center of our galaxy, the “Milky Way”.

And so it is that, since November 2011, I have now compiled and recorded a vast amount of ancient wisdom and techniques onto over 20 CDs. Half of these are advanced techniques and wisdom for our lineage’s spiritual adepts, but, over half are now being released to the public on this website.

A vast wealth of secret historical facts and suppressed spiritual, (not religious), wisdom had to be released to the public first, so that Love Energies could rise sufficiently within our group to enable us to access the necessary energy to properly translate, record and release “The Cure for All Diseases” to people around the world, in just three months.

However, with our lineage’s true spiritual history, ancient wisdom and esoteric information for the last 5,000 years already released in earlier CDs, people who choose, now have the foundation for truly understanding the wonders contained in the ancient and wondrous process of alchemy.

Alchemy use of Love Energies is the foundation for creating from tap water, the full energies contained in our formerly secret organization’s 8,000 year old Sacred Miracle Healing Waters.

And so it is that finally, after 15 years of work and preparations, I am now able to announce, that the 3 CD set of “The Cure for All Diseases” is available for downloading online, or in the form of CDs by mail. One may also listen to the CDs at one of our new One and Two Day Self Healing Workshops.

The full name for the information, wisdom and techniques contained in this 3 CD set is “The Secret History, Esoteric Wisdom and Techniques of Jesus and “The Comforter” for Self Healing Oneself of Cancer with Lions of Jud-Ah Sacred Miracle Healing Waters”.

This set of CDs contains the secret history from some portions of the last 5,000 years of the Nara Simha Lions of Jud-Ah’s 8,000 year long lineage. The saga of the last 5,000 years begins with the Bible’s Enoch, who, as described fully in this set of CDs, is remembered as Thoth Hermes Trismegistus in Egypt, Hermes in Greece, Mercury in Rome, and Fu Xi in China.

The Cure for All Diseases set of CDs contains vast amounts of our ancient lineage’s spiritual wisdom, and techniques, all of which have been updated into modern terms in the CDs, for easy understanding. The Cure for All Diseases is alchemical in nature, simple to learn, and uses “Ascending Energy” generated by a “Philosopher’s Stone”.

Alchemy is real and the modern word of chemistry comes directly from the word, alchemy. Sir Isaac Newton was a believer in alchemy because he studied it. It was from alchemical records that Newton copied his half finished “Theory of Gravity”. Newton’s gravity theory was deliberately left incomplete due to undue influence religion had over science, during his lifetime.

(Note: If anyone would like to fund a year’s rental of several homes in a secluded area, and food supplies for myself and a senior team of alchemists, we can finish Newton’s Theory of Gravity and answer all of sciences questions on “dark energy”, as well as creating a natural healing hospital that would cure all diseases, all within one year, plus a lot more.)

Long ago, Thoth/Enoch and Amaru used both Ascending Energies and Descending Energies to alchemically build pyramids. However, Thoth or Enoch’s cure for all diseases uses only Ascending Energies.

The use of Ascending Energies on a human body, (instead of transforming the sub-atomic energies in the atoms of stones into atoms of air), transforms energetically densified and deformed atoms within the diseased cells of a human body into the energetically normal atoms of healthy cells.

While Ascending Energies are used for the healing of existing human bodies, both Ascending and Descending Energies are used to construct new huge stone monuments like the pyramids built by Enoch/Thoth in Egypt and Amaru/Quetzalcoatl in Mexico. The use of Descending Energies only, is typically limited to “showing off” or making money.

In the 19th century, prominent men from science and the military were invited to a Descending Energy alchemical presentation that was being used to transform atoms of lead into atoms of gold. In today’s British Museum in London are the affidavits from prominent 19th century scientific and military men, who certified under oath, that they personally witnessed a lead bullet be alchemically transformed into gold.

In today’s modern world, we are now using Ascending Energies in our ancient lineage’s secret alchemical process, to create 12-9-9 Super Healing Water and the 13-9-9 Power Water, that we call “Sacred Miracle Healing Waters”. The wisdom of our lineage’s alchemical process is fully explained in our new “The Cure for All Diseases” set of 3 CDs.

These CDs are also used in our One Day and Two Day Self Healing Workshops, where one is able to personally practice, with the help of trained alchemists, the techniques contained in the 3 CD set, and consume 13-9-9 Power Water.

It is the drinking of the 13-9-9 Power Water from our 8,000 year old lineage’s Sacred Miracle Healing Waters that begins to quickly alchemically, and naturally, transform energetically deformed and densified atoms in diseased cells (like cancer), into the energetically normal atoms of healthy cells.

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