Dreams are Mind-Brain Communications

The easiest common dream for an Enlightened One to explain is the dream where one is falling from a great height and suddenly wakes up just before hitting the ground. This dream used to be one that almost everyone had at least once in their life. However, it is less common now in today’s wireless energy world.

This one dream used to occur to people when they are young. However, people no longer know the truth about what occurs during dreams due to a lack of truly Enlightened Ones and the misinformation released by big brained scientists who have lost their brain’s connection to their Minds. There are also many new age charlatans teaching people misinformation.

The truth is that dreams are the result of communications between one’s temporary 3rd dimensional physical body’s brain and one’s permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body’s Mind. Most people today are unaware that one’s 3rd dimensional physical body is a temporary vehicle used to obtain and collect experiences for one’s permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body.

One’s multidimensional Conscious Awareness is able to refresh itself when it leaves the constraints of one’s 3rd dimensional physical body during the REM, (or Rapid Eye Movement’s), portion of the human sleep cycle. It is during REM sleep that one’s Conscious Awareness is free to enter the Mind of one’s Emotional Body and travel to various places around the world.

When young, spiritually oriented people have a tendency to travel and explore distant locations within the joy filled energies of their Emotional Bodies far from the constraints of their physical body. One’s 4th dimensional Mind and Emotional Body remain energetically connected to one’s 3rd dimensional brain and physical body.

However, if a loud noise occurs in one’s home while one’s physical body is sleeping and one’s Emotional Body is at a distant locations, one’s brain suddenly becomes alert and one’s Conscious Awareness, 4th dimensional Mind and Emotional Body rapidly travel back to one’s 3rd dimensional brain and physical body.

This event is communicated by one’s Mind to one’s brain as falling from a great height and one wakes up just before one’s body hits the ground in the dream. The original noise and rapid return of Conscious Awareness causes one’s physical body to flood with adrenaline. Dreams, themselves, are the result of one’s 4th dimensional Emotional Body’s Mind communicating experiences using symbols that the brain of one’s 3rd dimensional physical body can relate to.

In our Love Energized Sacred Merkaba Techniques Activator Classes, we, Ga Ra and Za Ra teach people the ancient wisdom and techniques that enable class participants to consciously experience the adventures of traveling in Conscious Awareness to distant locations, using their activated 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional Merkabas.

Our Love Energized Activator Classes also include special dances with 8th dimensional level “Moon Goddesses” and 9th dimensional level “Planetary Goddesses”, so that participants are able to consciously travel beyond the gravitational constraints of planet earth and visit distant locations.

Once one has attended an Activator Class, one can attend our weekly Saturday Love Fests held around the world and each week consciously travel in their Conscious Awareness through a “Tunnel of Love”, (or science’s “wormhole in space”), and visit a wonder filled planet in another galaxy.

Learn all about the 12 dimensional levels of this universe and precisely how each of the higher level dimensional levels in our universe was created. Hear how 7th dimensional crystals were formed in a fiery fusion of 6th and 9th dimensional level energies in our Creation recording, which is one of our new Basic Love Energized Sacred Merkaba Techniques at home seminar recordings. It is $9 for an immediate download of this recording or $15 for a snail mailed CD.

(Note: We joyfully donate $5 from each recording sold to help feed and educate 1,100 children in 14 day care center “crèches”. Children who live in corrugated tin shacks in Johannesburg South Africa’s most violent crime ridden slum settlements that have no running water. Places so violent that a few weeks ago a 5 year old girl in one of our crèches was taken to a hospital after being raped on her way home because of the evil Zulu sangoma and other tribal charlatan sangomas', shamanic belief that by raping a child shamans can cure themselves from HIV/AIDS infections.)

Love Ga Ra and Za Ra


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