Human Minds and Brains Work
With Very Different Energies

The human brain is the central information processing unit of temporary 3rd dimensional human physical bodies. The human Mind is the central information processing unit of permanent 4th dimensional Human Emotional Bodies. It is one’s 4th dimensional Emotional Body’s Mind that contains the permanent records of the memories from each lifetime in a temporary 3rd dimensional physical body. Our Mind’s memories is who we are, the total memories and emotional energies of bliss, joy, happiness, unhappiness, anger and/or rage that surround all of our memories from all of our experiences in all of our lifetimes in 3rd dimensional physical bodies.

As described in our Love Energized Techniques at home seminar recordings and during our Ga Ra and Za Ra’s Love Energized Sacred Merkaba Techniques Activators Classes, when one incarnates for their next lifetime into their baby’s physical body with their first breath, one selects karmic events that will unfold in one’s life, as this karmic selection process enables one to emotionally and energetically blend together all of one’s emotions from one’s past lifetime’s memories into the emotions of happiness by scheduling a series of karmic debt repayments in one’s next lifetime.

Enlightenment, as fully explained in our new Love Energized Techniques at home seminar recordings is a simple process of using certain ancient techniques that cause Conditional Love energies to be produced by one’s temporary 3rd dimensional physical body’s brain that are able to dance with the Unconditional Love Energies produced by the Mind of one’s permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body.

And so it is that those individuals who choose, before birth, to endure spiritual tests in this lifetime in order to become spiritual adepts and attain Enlightenment on one or more dimensional levels, chose spiritual tests that enabled them to transform red light oriented energies of anger contained in the love/light yellow energies of happiness from their prior lifetimes into blue love oriented energies by successfully enduring spiritual tests of pain and suffering in this lifetime.

This process results in the blue colored love oriented energies of bliss within the permanent Minds and temporary brains of those individuals who seek multi-dimensional Enlightenment and a Physical Body Ascension in their current lifetime. Thus, if you feel different from others and are a love oriented individual who would like to meet other love oriented individuals, then we suggest that you listen to our Love Energized Techniques at home seminar recordings and then take part in one of our Activators Classes so that you can attend our weekly “Love Fests”.

Our 7 new Basic Love Energized Techniques at home seminar recordings now include the following downloads/CDs:

Karma and Reincarnation; consists of real life experiences, modern wisdom, ancient techniques and a Fire Ceremony to emotionally cleanse oneself from the energies of karmic debt repayments and spiritual tests.

Sacred Healing Waters; contains the ancient words, techniques and magnetic-electro songs that create the negative ions in ordinary drinking water that assist one in attaining and retaining the state of Enlightenment.

Attain Enlightenment; includes ancient wisdom on the various multi-dimensional levels of Enlightenment together with a method from ancient Egypt that enables one to attain the basic level of Enlightenment in one day.

Cost of each Love Energized Techniques at home seminar recording is $9 for an immediate download or $15 for a snail mailed CD. Click on underlined recordings above and obtain your recording today.

You earn good karma points for every recording you purchase as we send $5 from each recording sold to an NGO African charity that feeds and educates destitute children in violent slum areas that have no running water.


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