Using Unity Consciousness to Travel through a Tunnel of Love

Twice a week, we hold “Love Fests” around the world to help participants cope with the fact that love oriented energies are rapidly decreasing upon planet earth. Our Love Fests enable participants to travel through a negative ionized Tunnel of Love, (or wormhole in space) to a love energized planet located in a galaxy far, far away.

Participants are personally taught and guided how to travel through this Tunnel of Love, (or wormhole in space), during our Love Energized Sacred Merkaba Techniques Activators classes. Love Fest participants take 5-10 minutes, prior to attending our Love Fests, to activate, into Merkabas, their energy fields of Consciousness that surround one’s temporary physical body and permanent Emotional Body.

We begin each Love Fest by raising the energetic levels of our energy fields of Consciousness beyond the level of happiness, up into the level of Joy, using the “Ah Yah Ah Dance of Love”, (soon to be available as the 8th recording in Ga Ra and Za Ra’s Basic Love Energized Sacred Merkaba Techniques at home seminar recordings).

Then, an ancient Sacred Healing Waters* ceremony is used to infuse the love oriented energies of negative ions directly into a participant’s 3rd Eye Spiritual Energy Center, (or chakra), so each participant is able to access the wondrous healing energies of Bliss. Next there is a second session of the Ah Yah Ah Dance of Love, which after the Sacred Healing Waters ceremony enables a participant’s Conscious Awareness to be enveloped by Beyond Bliss energies.

And so it is that in order to allow participants time to integrate Beyond Bliss energies into their physical bodies and Emotional Bodies, vast amounts of wisdom are given out in extemporaneous lectures that cover a variety of contemporary and ancient topics.

Once participants integrate the highest level duality energies of Beyond Bliss into their Conscious Awarenesses and Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness, it is time to dance with the energies of Unity Consciousness with 2 Teraphim dance partners, whose Conscious Awarenesses reside full time in energies of Unity Consciousness.

Then, after the dance with 2 Teraphim, a special technique is used that enables participants and one of their Teraphim dance partners, to access the Moon Goddess level of Unity Consciousness. It is only at the Moon Goddess level of Unity Consciousness that the Conscious Awarenesses of participants and their Teraphim are able to enter the Unity Consciousness level “Tunnel of Love” located on the far side of the moon and travel to a huge wonder filled planet in a galaxy far, far away.

Once the Conscious Awarenesses of participants and their Teraphim arrive at the huge planet, they enter into an auditorium of pure gold. Then participants use the Conscious Awareness of their permanent Emotional Bodies to dance with their Unity Consciousness level Teraphim.

This amazing dance enables participants to cleanse themselves from the light oriented positive ion energies of planet earth and replace these energies with the love oriented negative ion energies that are available to all Conscious Awarenesses in the GaVaZaVa Galaxy.

And so it is that the love oriented energies of the GaVaZaVa Galaxy are able to heal a participant’s permanent Emotional Body in ways that also help one’s physical body located on planet earth while simultaneously expanding each participants’ Emotional Body’s Conscious Awareness so participants are prepared for the time of Physical Body Ascensions.

* Learn how to make healing negative ionized drinking water in the convenience of your home using the at home seminar recording of Sacred Healing Waters. This recording contains the ancient words, techniques and magnetic-electro songs that create negative ions in ordinary drinking water that assist one in attaining and retaining the state of Conscious Awareness called Enlightenment. It is $9 for an immediate download of this recording or $15 for a snail mailed CD.

(Note: We joyfully donate $5 from each recording sold to help feed and educate 1,100 children in 14 day care center “crèches”. Children who live in corrugated tin shacks in Johannesburg South Africa’s most violent crime ridden slum settlements that have no running water. Places so violent that a few weeks ago a 5 year old girl in one of our crèches was taken to a hospital after being raped on her way home because of the evil Zulu sangoma, and other tribal charlatan sangomas', shamanic belief that by raping a child shamans can cure themselves from HIV/AIDS infections.)


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