What is Bilocation?

Modern dictionaries define the word “bilocation” as “the state of being, or the ability, to be in two places at the same time”. However, there are many different types of bilocation.

There are the focused types of bilocation, where one focuses the energies of Conscious Awareness, both of their Angelic Light Body and of their physical body, to perceive events at one earthly level location. This type of bilocation process is used by the military, and called “Remote Viewing”.

Bilocation or “Remote Viewing” is not new. Bilocations have been heavily documented by the Roman Catholic Church. However, no Catholic bilocations have been documented since Padre Pio died in the mid 20th century.

Now, one of my favorite “documented” Vatican bilocation reports is from a thousand years ago. This documented “bilocation” involved a certain pious monk who lived in a monastery that was about a 3 day horse ride from the Vatican.

The monk was a close friend of the pope. One day, at the monastery, he suddenly came out of a fast in his room, and walked up to the other monks in the dining hall and said he had just been with the Pope, and the Pope died while he was there.

The monastery's abbot and senior monks ridiculed the monk's bilocation report. They told him to go back to fasting and to pray for forgiveness. However, 3 days later, the same abbot and senior monks were in the monk's room to beg his forgiveness.

And so it was that, the monk's report was completely verified when a rider from the Vatican arrived with news that the Pope had died and that the monk had been seen by the Pope's bed, at the time of death, by a number of people.

Our Activators True Knowledge Classes teach students our family's advanced bilocation techniques. Our family's advanced techniques enable one to travel in one's Archangelic Light Body to a City of Gold , just like “ St. John ” experienced himself, and wrote about, in his “Book of Revelation”.

You can read about the experiences that St. John received, using our family's advanced bilocation techniques, in his “Book of Revelation”. St. John wrote the Bible's Book of Revelation and used our family's advanced bilocation techniques to visit Jesus in his Light Body, while his physical body was living in a Teraphim cave on the Isle of Patmos.



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