In 1995, a family member received 3 days of visions. Within 40 days of his visions, he self-published his Campaign Earth book and began searching for other family members. (Click on History of the Techniques for more information).

What is Bilocation?

Modern dictionaries define bilocation as the state of being, or the ability, to be in two places at the same time.  However, there are many different types of bilocation. (Click on What is Bilocation for more information).

What is True Knowledge?

True Knowledge is quite rare, but knowledge can be found everywhere.  Knowledge can be found throughout the Internet, because knowledge, by itself, is merely knowing some information about something. 

Knowledge also comes from experiencing something, but True Knowledge is very rare.  True Knowledge only comes from having both wisdom and a personal experience about something. (Click on What is True Knowledge for more information)

Meditator Classes – No Prerequisite

Our Meditator Class teaches students the ancient wisdom and techniques that enable one to use the energies of Unconditional Love to self heal oneself and attain the Angelic level of Enlightenment in 2 days.

Our Meditator True Knowledge Class teaches people the ancient and modern techniques that enable one to maintain their Angelic level of Enlightenment in everyday life.

Activator Classes – Prerequisite Meditator Class

Our Activator Class teaches one to how use the energies of Unconditional Love to expand one’s Angelic Light Body to the size of an Archangel In two days, one becomes able to travel, consciously awake, in their Archangelic level Light Body or Holy Spirit to the Promised Land.

In 2 days, one learns to use the negative ion energies of Unconditional Love and visit, in one’s Archangelic level Light Body, the Promised Land that Hinduism refers in the Ramayana as Lanka City of Gold and Christianity refers to in the Bible as New Jerusalem  City of Gold.

Healer Classes – Prerequisite Activator Class

Our Healers True Knowledge Class teaches one how to activate and use energies far beyond the level of a Seraphim Archangel. We teach students how to heal others using the wondrously effective healing powers contained in Teraphim level Energies of Unconditional Love.

Our family 4,000 year old Teraphim Ceremonyintroduces Healers to Godhighest level individualized representatives on planet earth, those Enlightened Unity Consciousness level spiritual beings whom the Ancient Ones called Teraphim, as recorded in the Old Testament. 

The full activation of a Healer Unity Consciousness Light Body, requires that a Healer be free of all energetic blockages, including phobias. Thus, a special phobia removal technique is taught in Healers Classes so that students with their Unity Consciousness level Teraphim may give effective healing treatments to open minded people.

Teacher Classes – Prerequisite Healer Class

Our Teacher True Knowledge Classes teach the legendary Sun/Son of God Light Body Activation Techniques, the ancient Healing Techniques, and many other techniques, together with Sun/Son of God level wisdom, to those of the 144,000 who come to us. (Click on Teacher Classes for more information.)

Our family's Meditator and Activator True Knowledge Classes are now being given at many worldwide locations.  Email for your nearest location's class schedule.




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