Hear The Comforter Sing to the 144,000

The True Jesus differs from Christianity's false image. Hear about Jesus' 3 children with Mary Magdalene. Learn the truth about how Jesus went to the New World in 1000 AD. Listen to this millennium's “Chosen One”, the “Comforter”, (spoken about by Jesus, himself, in the Gospel of John), sing the Awakening Song for the Book of Revelation's 144,000.


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The Secret Autobiography of Jesus the Christ

Lions of Jud-Ah’s secret writings
benefiting destitute children




Revelations About Revelations
Family records disclose the hidden secrets contained in St. John the Mystic's biblical
“Book of Revelation”.



Land of the Blind
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king
but a two eyed man is a freak




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