One Day Workshops

One Day Workshops are for people who wish to prevent cancer, or any form of disease, and for people who have been diagnosed with cancer, or any form of disease, but whose bodies have not been subjected to deadly nuclear radiation and unnaturally densified chemicals.

If one’s body is in emotional harmony, then after attending a One Day Workshop and several weeks of doing the workshop’s daily self healing techniques, one’s cancer, or any form of disease, should be going into, or have already gone, into remission or even be completely gone.

However, if one’s body is not in harmony, then it might take a few extra weeks in order to get one’s body into energetic equanimity and emotional harmony before one can fully begin to self heal oneself of all diseases.

In this One Day Self Healing Workshop, you will learn the ancient spiritual wisdom and have demonstrated to you, the ancient and modern spiritual techniques that can cure all forms of disease, including cancer.

You will also have class time to personally practice these self healing techniques and time to integrate the heightened Love Energies used in these ancient advanced self healing techniques.

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