Ancient people knew that the emotional energy people call “Love” contains multiple levels of energies. Long ago, “Chosen Ones”, whom people called the Lions of Jud-Ah, taught a series of techniques that enabled spiritual adepts to access multiple levels of Love Energies. These Chosen Ones, (like Thoth/Enoch and Jesus), long ago taught people the wisdom and techniques for Angelic level Love Energies that enabled and empowered one to heal one’s own physical body.

Chosen Ones, (who come every thousand years), also teach people the advanced Archangelic level Love Energy techniques and wisdom that enable and empower one to heal one’s own Angelic level Holy Spirit.

Then, to those who are ready, Chosen Ones teach Lord’s level Techniques that enable and empower spiritual adepts to use Love Energies to heal the physical bodies and Angelic Holy Spirits of others.

One Day Love Energy Workshops enable and empower people to “Feel the Love”. Every elder Brother and Sister is a spiritual adept who will give you a series of unique opportunities to “Feel the Love”.

Opportunities include receiving Joy, Bliss and Rapture level Love Energies in various ways, such as drinking Sacred Miracle Healing Waters and on the center of one’s forehead, receiving a drop of ancient Sacred Anointing Oil.

The Vow of Silence has ended, so we now offer True Knowledge of Love Energies in One Day Love Energized Workshops. True Knowledge means one receives the ancient wisdom about the Love Energies and the spiritual effects of a ceremony/technique, as well as personally experiencing the Love Energies and the spiritual effects of a ceremony/technique.

God’s Energies of Unconditional Love are available to us in many ways. However, the energies of Unconditional Love vary greatly in levels of intensity, ranging from Earthly Happiness and Angelic Joy to Archangelic Bliss and Lord’s level Energies Beyond Bliss.

Each One Day Love Energy Workshop explains a vast amount of ancient wisdom including:

  • The actual first name of Jesus and his family’s surname, as well as his Lions of Jud-Ah’s family history. Learn how Enoch/Thoth was the first Lion of Jud-Ah after the Great Flood of Noah’s Ark.

  • Receive details about the levitation techniques which Jesus learned during his studies in India, that enabled him to walk on water, and his brother, Simon, to be able to levitate, as documented, in the air up to heights beyond that of the Roman Coliseum.

  • Learn secret information about the hidden code words in the Old Testament from the family records of those who walked out of Egypt with “The Moses”.

  • Information from Jesus’ and the Lions of Jud-Ah’s ancient writings that explain how one can “bilocate”, or travel in one’s Spirit, just like John the Mystic wrote about in his “Book of Revelation” and that Jesus taught Mary Magdalene, as described in her “Gospel of Mary”.

  • As promised long ago, ancient wisdom behind the “Sign of the Cross”, a “Camel Going Through an Eye of a Needle”, Jesus is “The Way”, Dancing in Love Energies and much more is now being explained in “plain words”.

Each One Day Love Energy Workshop also offers one some amazing personal experiences including:

  • The Lions of Jud-Ah’s Sacred Miracle Healing Waters Consumption Ceremony, where one is able to drink colloidal gold and/or silver water made in a Rapture level Love Energized Environment.

  • Learn to dance in Angelic level Love Energies of Joy using “Flower Children” music, a unique emotional cleansing technique that removes stress and replaces it with the energies of Joy.

  • A “Whole Brain Thinking Treatment” using Teraphim and a ceremony with Lord’s level Love Energies creates a state of “Temporary Enlightenment” and both hemispheres of the brain work in unison.

  • The Lions of Jud-Ah’s Ceremony of prayers and techniques used by Elder Sisters, (called “Mary”), that awakens both the Angelic level Love Energies of Joy as well as the Archangelic level Love Energies of Bliss within one’s Body, Mind and Soul.

  • The ancient Holy Anointing Oil Ceremony on one’s forehead is a truly unique experience that was used by Thoth/Enoch, Jesus and the Lions of Jud-Ah for thousands of years, to awaken the Love Energies of Angelic Joy and Archangelic Bliss within one’s Body, Mind and Soul.

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