What is True Knowledge?

“True Knowledge” is quite rare, but knowledge can be found everywhere. Knowledge can be found throughout the Internet, because knowledge, by itself, is merely knowing some information about something.

Knowledge also comes from experiencing something, but True Knowledge is very rare. True Knowledge only comes from having both wisdom and a personal experience about something.

Many people throughout history have personally had a “Near Death Experience” (NDE). People today write books and some even give seminars, about their NDEs. However, while their books and seminars do discuss the personal experience of someone who had an NDE, such people lack the true wisdom of what they talk about.

These well meaning individuals lack the true wisdom to fully understand life, and thus, they cannot begin to fully understand what death is, or what it is that connects one's earthly physical body to one's Angelic Light Body.

Well meaning people write books and give seminars, but they do not understand precisely how, or why, the Conscious Awareness of a physical body differs from the Conscious Awareness of an Angelic Light Body, an Archangelic Light Body, etc. All these well meaning people can tell you is, “There is life after death”.

In today's world, there are also the “scientific” types, who include a lot of initials after their given names. Some of these scientific types even claim to have knowledge of life and death. But, the truth is, (as scientists will admit), there is no scientist, living in the world today, who can tell you where the Conscious Awareness of your physical body goes when you go to sleep.

Now, most of us have found out the “hard way”, that individuals who claim to know what they are talking about, (by “channeling”, or “scientific studies”), do not actually know what they are talking about, simply because they lack “True Knowledge” on that which they talk about.

Today's scientists are atheistic type, God forsaking people, because “Science” is unable to scientifically prove the existence of God. However, “Religion” has also forsaken God, because today's religions fear God. And so it is that I can tell you, from personal experience, and from our family records, that “No God fearing religious person has ever met with God”.

Today's God fearing religious people are too spiritually immature to meet with God. Until people learn to go beyond the energies of fear, they will be unable to embrace the energies of God's Love. The energy of one's Love for God, attracts God's energies of Unconditional Love, while the energy of one's fear of God, repels God's energies of Unconditional Love.

If a person fears God, then it is impossible for that person to love God. If one does not love God, then one really does not trust God. And so it is in life, that which one does not trust, one forsakes, (unless one fears what will happen to one, as a result of forsaking that which one fears).

In this way, western religions have successfully used the energy of fear, since 325 AD, to control people. However, the energies of fear prevent people from receiving God's joyous and bliss filled level energies of Unconditional Love.

And so it is that in today's world, western religions are now using physical terrorism, as well as economic and social terrorist tactics, to maintain control over people.

As a result, in today's world, almost all God loving spiritual people have forsaken fear based religions. In this way, the God forsaking ways of God fearing western religions have created a large number of atheists and agnostics in today's world.

Western religions continue to transform intelligent, caring people into agnostics and atheists. It is western religions' spiritually immature misinterpretations of religious scriptures and saying that God looks like an old human man and that the earth was created in one 24 hour day, that create more agnostics and atheists every day.

(Our new ''Self Confidence is Being Yourself'' Presentation of True Knowledge describes precisely how everything in our universe “is made in God's image” and, exactly how the earth's creation in religion's “one day” equals science's “million of years”.

In summary, religion's fear based methods for controlling people's free will decisions, and choices in life, have resulted in “religious people” being limited to receiving the energies of God's Unceasing Light, as proven by their actions in life.

Our free “Whole Brain Thinking Techniques” enable people to break their fear based, chains of religious bondage, and enjoy the wondrous energies of God's Unconditional Love.

True Knowledge Meditators learn how the energies of Love can be used to consciously access the Joyous energies of Unconditional Love that exist in one's Angelic Light Body.

True Knowledge Activators consciously use the energies of Love to activate the Souls of their Angelic and Archangelic Light Bodies, and travel weekly to distant lands, including the legendary City of Gold, known as “El Dorado” in Native American Shamanic legends, as “Lanka” in “Hinduism's Ramayana” and as New Jerusalem in “Christianity's Bible”.

True Knowledge Healers activate 4 levels of Light Bodies, 2 more than an Activator. In this way, True Knowledge Healers are able to constantly have Unity Consciousness level healing energies of God's Unconditional Love flow into them and their personal Teraphim, while giving healing treatments to open minded people.

True Knowledge Teachers activate 7 levels of Light Bodies enabling the legendary Sun/Son of God level energies of Unconditional Love to flow into them and through them, while healing and/or teaching open minded people.


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