The Christs Light is the Love of God in Action. In effect, God breathes his Love, or the Christs Light of God's Unconditional Love, through the Suns of God to the sun of our solar system. It is the Christs Light energy flowing from our Solar Sun of God which enables all plants to grow and for life to exist on Earth.

Jesus was a “Sun of God,” meaning Jesus was a Christ. Jesus' prayers, meditations and the spiritual techniques which he used daily enabled him to become a Sun of God and live his life within the Christs Light of God's Unconditional Love. Those who pray unceasingly to God and pass their spiritual tests or their Blessons in life also become able to stand in the Christs Light and work with God. Jesus worked directly with God at the highest levels in Creation as a Sun of God while remaining in a human physical body. Thus, Jesus became known as Jesus the Christ.

Jesus said “All That I Do, Ye Can Do.”

Any individual regardless of background can become a Sun of God if they wish to dedicate themselves to their full spiritual unfoldment. But, one does not have to become a Sun of God to become Enlightened. Two thousand years ago, Jesus taught his spiritual techniques to all who were ready. Now, 2,000 years later these wondrous techniques are once again being made available to those who are ready.

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