Miracles and Expansions of Consciousness
(How I found Enlightenment and “The Cure for All Diseases”)

In 1968, I personally discovered that one has both a Mind and a brain. In that moment of Enlightenment, I knew there was far more to life than either science or religion had ever taught me. At that moment, I began my search for the higher levels of Enlightenment, and started daily meditations to expand my Conscious Awareness. Read Full Article
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What is Christ's Light?

Christs’ Light is the “Christ Consciousness” level of God’s Creation. This level is called the “Barbelo of Christ Consciousness” by Jesus in his secret esoteric writings. Enoch, the first Lion of Jud-Ah after the Great Flood, called this level of Conscious Awareness, the “Mind of God”. A series of CDs has been recorded using heretofore secret esoteric information in ancient documents discovered in 1997.

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