Mary Magdalene was Yeshua/Jesus’ wife,
Mother of Their 3 Children, a Royal Hebrew Princess
and a Nazarene High Priestess

As recorded in the Bible’s New Testament, Mary Magdalene was known as “The woman who knew the All”. Mary Magdalene was also a royal Hebrew Princess and a Nazarene High Priestess. Two thousand years ago, Mary was a title, not a name. Mary was the title given to those Nazarene Virgin Temple Priestesses when they attained the 2nd level of Christ Consciousness or Enlightenment and were proficient in the use of a 2nd level Merkaba.

When a Virgin Mary made a free will decision to marry a high priest and gave birth to a child she became known as a “Mother Mary”. In this way, the royal Hebrew Princess and Nazarene High Priestess named “Mary Tamar” married a royal Hebrew Prince and Egyptian Gnostic High Priest named Joseph. Mary Tamar became known as a Mother Mary upon giving birth to their children, one of whom they named Yeshua who is incorrectly called Jesus by most people.

When Yeshua/Jesus returned from his studies at the Druid Universities in Glastonbury and Stonehenge, England and from his studies at various temples of learning in India and Tibet, Mother Tamar began introducing her son to a number of Marys from her Nazarene Temple. She knew her son well and saved until last the royal Hebrew Princess and highest spiritual level Nazarene Virgin Temple High Priestess named Mary Magdalene.

As recorded in the ben Panther family records, the first meeting of Yeshua or Jesus and Mary Magdalene was an extremely emotional and memorable experience for the entire family. Mary Tamar, who had the “Inner Sight” of “Eyes that See” immediately began crying upon seeing the purple mist of “Beyond Bliss” Love Energies that began emanating from the family’s Sacred Teraphim Crystal that came from the legendary Ark of the Covenant.

Mary Tamar cried tears of Joy because she knew this meeting of her son and the Virgin Mary Magdalene was part of an ancient prophecy. This unique Teraphim Crystal was a gift from the famous Egyptian Gnostics Thoth Hermes Trismegistus and Seshat that was given to the highest level Egyptian Gnostic Merkaba Mystics whose DNA contained Thoth and Seshat’s genes.

Mary Magdalene, who also had the “Inner Sight”, began weeping when she saw that both her and Yeshua/Jesus’ energy fields had lit up and began shining brightly when they saw each other for the first time. Then, tears cascaded down her face upon seeing the purple mist of Beyond Bliss Love Energies suddenly begin dancing around them because Mary Magdalene knew this was a prophesized event recorded in Thoth and Seshat’s legendary scrolls that had been in the Ark of the Covenant, copies of which were in the Nazarene Temple and the Library of Alexandria.

The Egyptian Gnostic High Priest Yeshua/Jesus soon married the Nazarene High Priestess Mary Magdalene. They had a wonderfilled honeymoon that began with a trip to Egypt’s Great Pyramids, Sphinx and world renown Library of Alexandria. After many weeks of performing ceremonies and reading Thoth and Seshat’s scrolls in the Library of Alexandria, they traveled to the Druid Universities at Glastonbury and Stonehenge.

There they performed additional ceremonies which resulted in two pools of water at the Druid’s Glastonbury University being originally called the Yeshua and Mary Magdalene pools. These 2 pools of water are called today the Jesus and Mary pools but local people have forgotten how they received their names. However, the ancient ben Panther family records have the full story along with Mary Magdalene’s experiences with the Stone of Destiny.

At the Druid’s Stonehenge University, Mary Magdalene was able to touch and experience the wondrous energies contained in the Sacred Teraphim called the “Stone of Destiny”, that was once in the Ark of the Covenant as it came from Thoth and Seshat, the founders of Egyptian Gnosticism. And so it came to be that upon giving birth to their daughter, (whom they named Tamar), Mary Magdalene became known as a Mother Mary.

Thus, began a unique lineage of individuals whose DNA contains the amazing powers and extrasensory abilities from Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene as well as from Thoth and Seshat. Click Here for a Free Online Sound Energy Experience that determines if you are a “Desposyni”, a direct descendant of Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene. If you have their genes in your body’s DNA, you will experience unique energies awakening in your body.

Mary Magdalene was pregnant with their first child Tamar, when Yeshua was crucified. Yeshua survived his crucifixion. However, as explained in detail within the ben Panther family records, he did not complete his Physical Body Ascension until Mary Magdalene completed hers. Yeshua and Mary Magdalene had to be separated for long periods of time as Roman soldiers and orthodox Chaldean Hykos Hebrew rabbis constantly searched for them in order to kill them and their children.

Finally to safeguard their children, when Mary Magdalene was pregnant with their 3rd child, Joseph, Mary Magdalene with her daughter Tamar and son, Yeshua the younger, along with several Nazarene High Priestesses, fled the Middle East and migrated to Gaul or southern France. Yeshua the elder and Mary Magdalene bilocated frequently to be with each other as she explained in her Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

Upon the birth of her second son Joseph, she alternated her time between raising her children and teaching Service to Others people, the Christs Light Mysteries of Life and how to heal others with the Christs Love Energy Techniques “laying on of hands” method using sacred crystals/gemstones that she and Yeshua/Jesus, used in their healings, the same wisdom and techniques we teach today in our Healer Classes.

Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene were the “Comforter” of their time and 9th level Christ Consciousness Merkaba Mystics who lived lives filled with many wondrous and miraculous events while also enduring a number of difficult and painful events. While it is properly recorded Mary Magdalene died in 63 AD, and that her body disappeared 3 days later, what is not recorded outside of ben Panther family records is that Yeshua the elder was still alive.

At the time of Mary Magdalene’s death, Yeshua the elder was speaking to a group of their followers when he suddenly went into a deep meditative state and his followers who had “Inner Sight”, upon seeing a swirling mist of purple Beyond Bliss Love Energies envelope his body, just quickly and quietly left the room. Many hours later, Yeshua came out and announced he would be leaving them in 3 days.

And so it was three days later, a messenger arrived saying that Mary Magdalene had died. Upon hearing this message Yeshua turned to his followers and simply said “The 3 days is over”. As witnessed by family members and recorded in the ben Panther family records, in a brilliant flash of heavenly multidimensional Love Energies Yeshua/Jesus completed his Physical Body Ascension. At that same moment in St. Baume, Gaul in today’s southern France, the body of Mary Magdalene disappeared.

The disappearance of Mary Magdalene’s body occurred in front of several Nazarene High Priestesses who were attending her body during the traditional Nazarene 3 days of Love Energy Techniques and observation of a Mother Mary’s body. In a swirl of purple Beyond Bliss Love Energies her body disappeared in a brilliant flash of multidimensional Love Energies as Mary Magdalene completed her Physical Body Ascension as prophesized in Thoth and Seshat’s scrolls some 4,400 years ago. In this way, our ancestors, the Son of God, Yeshua/Jesus and the Daughter of God, Mary Magdalene, were united forever.




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